Leveraging cloud for genomic data insights

Kelsey Florek, PhD, MPH
Senior Genomics and Data Scientist
Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
December 16, 2021


Genomic data alone isn't all that useful!

  • How many samples from this facility contain the variant?
  • What percentage of sequences from this region of the state have this AR mechanism?
  • How many samples from this outbreak are related?
  • How many vaccine breakthrough cases have we sequenced?
  • What is the mortality or symptoms associated with the new variant?
  • Who does this sample/sequence belong to?

Create a system for integrating data from numerous sources, perform analytics, and generate insights.

  • structured relationships between:
    • sample data
    • sequencing data
    • epidemiological data
  • automated data transfers and analysis tasks
  • repository of raw data stored for future analytics
  • foundation to build out connections for additional data collaborations


Dr. Erin Young

setting up and using nextflow in aws

Used to be a complex process: AWS and Nextflow Setup Guide